Antifungal Nano Oil by Taftan Shimi Iran

This product I created in the manufacturing plants of Taftan Shimi Iran using highly sophisticated Nano Plasma Quant technology in order to protect against pests and fungi and it possesses the following features:

  • Antifungal and antivirus
  • Disinfectant for agricultural water and soil
  • Controlling garden and farm variety insects along with organic Full Nano Potassium
  • Organic nature (industrial organic) of the product, removing any undesirable environmental effects
  • It can be used for all the various garden, farming, greenhouse, and hydroponic products.

This product includes organic material and its polymer is in the form of nano-plasma quant and active.

This supplement is in the form of concentrated solution in one-liter polyethylene cans. If it remains pure and is kept away from intense light and heat in its own can, it will last for a long time. Based on the requirement for your cultivated soil, mix the correct ratio with water.

Utilization Timeframe

In order to disinfect the soil of the land base, one time irrigation before the plowing and one or two times before flowering and blooming and once after the plant is fertilized, allowing 10 to 15 days between treatments, are needed.


Amount and Method of Usage

For a hectare of farming or gardening land, usage is through dripping or root irrigation of 3 to 5 liters of Antifungal Nano Oil along with a liter of liquid Nano Super Power solved in a thousand liters of water delivered using upstream water routes or pressurized dripping method.

Another Usage Method

1.5 liters of Antifungal Nano Oil can be solved along with 0.5 liter of Nano Super Power or ammonium diphosphate or liquid urea in 400 liters of water and then sprayed using pesticide sprayers on the plants.

It should be noted that both methods of waterlogging and spraying should be repeated after allowing 10 to 15 days between treatments. Antifungal Nano Oil can also be used on its own.

This nano oil is generally antifungal, antiviral, and anti pests. Also, it completely eliminates white grub (Polyphylla olivieri), Asiatic rice borer (Chilo suppressali), striped stem borer, psyllidae, and insects such as leafminer, aphids and nematodes.

Since this product is also a nutritional supplement for plants, it can increase the resiliency of the plant structure against different diseases and pests, fungi, as well as environmental stress.

In long term, Antifungal Nano Oil won’t endure deposition and fundamental change. It does not change in the thermal range of -20 to +80 degrees centigrade, facilitating its stocking process. These features are particularly important for resellers and distributers since its removes the obstacles of amount limitations and time of purchase.

Outcomes of Using Antifungal Nano Oil:

  • Preventing various pests and diseases: 90%
  • Disinfecting water and soil: 90%
  • Increasing the resiliency of the plant against environmental stress: 80%
Preventing various pests and diseases 90%
Disinfecting water and soil 90%
Increasing the resiliency of the plant against environmental stress 80%

Attention !

  • This products can be used along with other fertilizers but it must not be mixed with any other fertilizers except for urea.
  • The efficacy of the products is guaranteed provided that it is used exactly as instructed in the manual and based on the correct timeframe.
  • Due to negligible toxicity of this product, it is not poisonous for humans and animals. However, for higher safety it is recommended to wear gloves, masks, and safety goggles while using it.
  • Taftan Shimi Iran provides the company with a sample of the products for testing and analyzing the elements if it is requested.