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Introducing Nano Super Power (Perrin Sippel Adamyde) : Nutritional Strengthening Material for Agriculture

Nano super power which is a strengthening substance for plants and soil, facilitates the growth of plants and products, strengthens the plants against various pests, and corrects saline soil and water, is one of the most cost-effective products for farmers.

Nano Super Power strengthening substance includes most useful nanoelements, leading to a leap in agricultural arena. It is also capable of replacing many solid and liquid fertilizers as well as most fungicides. It reduces the need to use a lot of toxic material to enable you to farm and harvest organic products easily.

Nano Super Power is highly cost-effective since it needs to be used in a limited amount per hectare and in a very short period of time.

Using mass-producing facilities and huge capital for creating the production units and reactors as well as using highly sophisticated Nano Plasma Quant scientific technology, Taftan Shimi Iran has been able to incorporate elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, copper, molybdenum, iodine, boron, cobalt as nanoparticles in Super Power, which leads to astonishing growth of different plants, increasing the production yield, and increasing the resistance of the plant against different sources of stress.



The Effects of Nano Super Power (Nano Perrin Sippel Adamyde) on Soil:

About 97 percent of food products used in the world are harvested from soil, so soild is the most important asset of a country. However, frequent usage of toxic materials and pesticides as well as the majority of inorganic and low-quality fertilizers in long term reduces the fertility of the soil and destroys its structure.
In calcareous soils where pH of the soil is high and there is calcium carbonate, many elements which are sensitive to high pH values cannot be absorbed by the soil, including phosphorus, iron, zinc, manganese, and copper. Since these useful elements immediately become non-absorbable in the soil’s alkaline pH, the plant roots cannot absorb them and therefore these elements should be added to the soil on an annual basis. This, in turn, leads to significantly higher production costs as well as an increased osmotic pressure in the soil. Taftan Shimi Iran has considered properties in its Nano Super Power product, which attenuate these problems to a significant extent. These features include the following:
1- Very high concentration of useful elements (using Nano Plasma Quant technology)
2- Very low consumption rate per hectare in order to decrease costs.
3- The organic nature of Nano super Power and its ability to protect the soil
4- Activating useful bacteria in the soil.
5- Correcting soil structure and increasing organic substances in the soil
6- Since its pH value is in the normal range, when Nano Super Power is solved in water, it will yield pH values between 6 and 8 (6<pH<8).
7- Correcting saline soils to 10,000 EC
8- Can be used in all four seasons in cold, hot, arid, and mountainous climates.

Methods for Using Nano Super Power (Nano Perrin Sippel Adamyde)

  • Spraying
  • Pressurized
  • Waterlogging
  • Rain-like

1- Spraying on Plans and Trees Using Pesticide Sprayers

Spraying Nano Super Power on plants will lead to absorbing respiratory elements by the plant which prevents pests. This will in turn activates photosynthesis and growth to increase yield and quality of the product. This method significantly increases the resiliency of the plants against coldness, hotness and environmental stress. It also causes rapid absorption of useful elements present in Nano Super Power by the plant.

2- Waterlogging and Pressurized Dripping

In this method, useful elements will be absorbed through the roots and besides benefits such as absorbing useful elements of the soil by the plant, Nano Super Power solution will correct the soil structure and protects the plant against saline soil. After using for a number of times, this solution will decrease the EC of the soil and increases the ability of the plant to absorb useful elements of the soil. It also activates the useful bacteria in the soil.


Time and Amount of Nano Super Power (Nano Perrin Sippel Adamyde) Usage

Half to one liter of Nano Super Power is solved in 1000 liters of water per hectare to be delivered using sprays or through roots.

The delivery time should be once before the plant is flowering or blooming and once or twice after flowering or blooming within 10 to 15 days. However, both methods can be useful.

It should be noted that in order to enrich the soil before cultivation, you can solve one to two liters of Nano Super Power in 1000 liters of water and use it along with solid animal or industrial fertilizer for a hectare of land and then you can start the plowing. This will make the soil enriched in elements in a totally organic manner.

Using Nano Super Power will significantly reduce water consumption because of lower plant precipitation and increased resiliency of the plant against humidity, coldness, and hotness stress.

Nano Super Power increases the concentration and proportion of nutritional elements in the plant and since potassium concentration decreases un the plant, particularly in the stomata of leaves, the evapotranspiration in the plant goes down in a way that the plant loses less water; hence, it will retain water for a longer period of time.

Using Nano Super Power will significantly decrease the amount of pests. Moreover, the presence of nano-micro elements and metal and non-metal organic substances in Nano Super Power will increase the foliage and the root of the plant, causing germination and growth and increased levels of chlorophyll.

In long term, Nano Super Power won’t endure deposition and fundamental change. It does not change in the thermal range of -20 to +80 degrees centigrade, facilitating its stocking process. These features are particularly important for resellers and distributers since its removes the obstacles of amount limitations and time of purchase.

Outcomes of Using Nano Super Power

  • Increasing the yield to 25 to 100 percent.
  • Harvesting totaally organic final products using Nano Super Power
  • Decreasing water consumption and plant transpiration due to the presence of multiple micronutrients in Nano Super Power
  • Increasing the resiliency of the plant against saline soil
  • Correcting soil structure after Nano Super Power is used for a number of times
  • The presence of nano microelements and metal and non-metal organic substances as well as the concentration of nutritional elements will increase the resiliency of the plant against pests and insects
  • Decreasing the amount of needed fertilizers in the order of 80 percent
  • The possibility of facilitated stocking and durability in the thermal range of -20 to +80 degrees centigrade
  • It can be used for all the different farming, gardening, and greenhouse products
  • Correcting saline water and saline soil to 10 thousand EC
  • Increasing the resiliency of the plant against various environmental stress factors
  • Increasing the amount of flowering as well as the number of fertilized flowers
  • Without any negative environmental effects due to the organic nature of Nano Super Power
  • High absorbability of Nano Super Power by the plant
  • Rapid growth of the plant and increasing the level of chlorophyll and rapid ripening of the fruits
  • Increasing the quality, homogeneity, and marketability of the final product
Increasing the yield 100%
Decreasing water consumption 30%
Decreasing the amount of needed fertilizers 80%
Activating useful bacteria in the soil 100%
Increasing the resiliency of the plant against various environmental stress factors 90%
Increasing the quality, homogeneity, and marketability of the final product 80%
Increasing the resiliency of the plant against saline soil 90%

Attention !

  • This products can be used along with other fertilizers but it must not be mixed with any other fertilizers except for urea.
  • The efficacy of the products is guaranteed provided that it is used exactly as instructed in the manual and based on the correct timeframe.
  • Due to negligible toxicity of this product, it is not poisonous for humans and animals. However, for higher safety it is recommended to wear gloves, masks, and safety goggles while using it.
  • Taftan Shimi Iran provides the company with a sample of the products for testing and analyzing the elements if it is requested.
  • Taftan Shimi Iran is able to provide certificates for nano products as well as SEM (scanning electron microscope) images if necessary.